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   "As the Captain seas it"

Stop by our dock for the most up to date day to day fishing report.


Fishing report for the month of May 2016.

Report to follow.




2015 Tournaments both Canada and United States :



Tight line shoot out :

Congratulations 1st place     team Pocket kings                 121.82  (5 fish weighed)

                            2nd place   team Square tail                      99.62  (5 fish weighed)  

                            3rd place    team Royal flush                     75.86  (4 fish weighed)


As if slow fishing wasn't bad enough, east winds made it that much tougher for all teams dealing with 5-6 foot waves all day.



United States:

A-TOM-MIK Triple crown:

Congratulations 1st  place   team Cannonball Runner    110.85  (6 fish weighed)

                            2nd place   team Thunderstruck            106.85  (6 fish weighed)

                            3rd place    team Primetime                   104.90  (6 fish weighed)


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